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Sunday, June 26, 2016

GPS Map of Panama


PTY GPS began mapping Panama in 2005. In 2007 we released the first ever routable GPS map of Panama. Since then we have been continually updating and improving the map. Today, we still have the most comprehensive and accurate GPS map available.

We author and sell the Panama Street Map. A Garmin compatible GPS map for the Republic of Panama. This detailed map covers the entire country and is suitable for Garmin GPS Devices or Smart Phones running Garmin Moble XT. The map is auto routing including one way streets and turn restrictions in Panama City. The map has thousands of points of interest including hotels, restaurants, shopping, police, fire brigades and much more.


  • Auto-routing.
  • Turn by turn directions.
  • Voice prompting.
  • Lock to road.
  • Turn restrictions and one way streets.

Current Map Version 2015 Q3



Custom Maps


PTY GPS offer custom map solutions to many companies. We can provide a custom map with your corporate data included or tailor our map data to suit your needs.

We can provide our data in various formats including shapefile(.shp) and MapInfo(.tab). If you need a different format, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Customer Testimonials


30 December 2008 - Just to let you know, I am cruising Panama City now for 5 weeks, using a Nuvi 200 bought in Europe, and using your map Panama: fully satisfied! It really helped me getting around in the city, and find the places I needed to go to as a new resident of Panama.
J. van Veggel

16 February 2009 - I have downloaded and uploaded to GPS maps. All works fine. I would just like to take the opportunity to say how professional and helpful you and PTYGPS Have Been.

Thank you again for your help
Best Regards
J. Knight

19 February 2009 - With some trepidation we rented a Garmin Nuvi with your maps from the Marriott Hertz office for a road trip to the Valley last day of our 4 day getaway to Panama last week. The software got us there without a hitch and then - after a very late start due to oversleeping back - got us to the airport with enough time to catch our flight. A really magnificent piece of software without Which We'' d probably still be stuck looking for the on ramp to the freeway. No first time visitor car rental Considering Should be without it. If you ever choose to sell stock we'' d be interested.
Linda and Steve

23 September 2009 - I just wanted to say Thank You for creating such a great map. We have used it so much to get around the city we would be soooo lost with out it. We have a Nuvi 750 and it works great, even the talking feature works.
again thanks
K. Pearson

29 March 2011 - Thanks for the professional and personal service helping me get the map setup. It's nice buying from someone who only Focuses on Panama having the in-country staff you do. Plus, as much as Panama is growing and updating Their roads, the boots-on-the-ground updates make me feel I'm getting the latest update from locals. I also felt more comfortable buying from you guys since it's clear you listen to your customer. With you all being in-country, I do not know why anyone would look anywhere else Unless They fell for a scam / pirating site. Scammers & pirates do not call you at 9pm on Sunday to walk customers through the setup, you do. For That, you not only have a loyal customer, you have a friend. I look forward to meeting you.
Best Regards,
Lloyd-Texas March 2011

13 August 2011 -  Your map is definitely better than the other I tried out. There are more streets on it and the detail is better. Your POI database has more information, restaurants and hotels. As far as navigating, I've tested Both products going from my home to my office, daily. Under the same Circumstances, yours is much better, hands down.
The other product I used is unable to perform a search on the cities. So, If you want to go to "The Valley" for instance, you can not search for the city / town. PTYGPS searches very well and makes it much Easier to use. I've used Certified Aeronautical and Marine GPS and Moving Maps. Your product meets my standard. The other map products available simply do not measure up. Besides producing a very good map, thank you so much for helping me troubleshoot the Nuvi. I'm not sure I ever Would have gotten it to not work correctly awful Given Garmin's tech support and user interfaces. You guys went the extra mile here. J. Smith 4x4 Super Service Panama

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